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Virtual Church Service


West Angelo Church Of Christ will be holding in person Church Services on Sunday Mornings and Sunday Evenings. We understand that due to sickness or distance not everyone is able to join us for fellowship in The Church Building. If you would like to enjoy our pre recorded virtual Church Service, please follow these instructions:

  1. After reading all the instructions, click on the link below to take you to the Virtual Church Service on our Church's Facebook Page (You will not need a Facebook account to watch the Service).

  2. The video page for the Church's Facebook will open up and you will be able to click on the video for the Church Service you would like to watch.

  3. The video should start playing and if you would like to make the video larger, you can select the icon with two arrows on the bottom of the video screen. By enlarging the video, you should also be able to get rid of any distracting ads on the side of the screen. You may also shrink the video back down by pushing the same button.

Virtual Church Service Link



Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ,

This is Portis Ribble of The West Angelo Church Of Christ inviting you to our worship service online Sunday morning, April 19th at 10:30. We will have singing and praying and a lesson from The Word Of God. Also we invite you to take communion with us.

If you do not have time to acquire the materials for the communion we will suggest that you use whatever is at hand. (The Bible does not specify what kind of bread we are to use, leavened or unleavened for the bread or fermented or unfermented for the fruit of the vine.) My father used to say if he didn't have anything to take but cornbread and watermelon juice, he would take it and remember that The Lord died for him. God receives from our hearts the praise and adoration and looks at the heart and not necessarily at the elements used. We trust your hearts will be with us as we worship God this Easter Sunday 2020 and future Sundays.



We have recently joined a new group on Facebook called #Ekklesia by Bill Adcox, this page offers you the chance to see multiple Church of Christ sermons from various Churches. West Angelo Church Of Christ will continue to post our original videos on our own page, but we will also be sharing them with #Ekklesia. If you are interested in hearing any of the available sermons we invite you to take some time and watch a few of our fellow Churches Of Christ.